General Accounting Software

Product Name: General Accounting Software
Release Date: 2014-12-02
Size: 20 mb

Create invoices, input your purchases, track payments due, and make payments by printing checks. Money coming in and going out is controlled through the system and hence you have complete control of your company finances.
  • accounting softwaresA Web based user interface with secure connectivity from anywhere on the internet. No need for any client installation.
  • Poise provides a real-time view of the balances of each account for all account headings, and provides a real time view of the financial condition of your business. Real time financial information is the key to your financial success.
  • Manage one or multiple companies accounting in a single system.
  • Supports both single-entry and double-entry accounting book keeping standards.
  • Poise provides the ability to enter accounting transactions in multiple currencies and provides methods for currency conversion of transactions.
  • All transactions can be assigned with project/department codes. This provides account management at a sub-company level.
  • Account Groupings permit multiple accounts of the same account type (bank, liability, etc.) to be grouped together.
  • In depth reporting with drill down capability provides a complete view of your operations, transactions, and balances in a variety of ways.
  • File and pay taxes on time, meet statutory deadlines, and avoid interest and penalties. Several reports are readily available to file for Indian
  • Business Process Management (BPM) for processing a transaction is performed in a workflow based architecture.
  • Customizable and Extensible: Open Database, web services APIs available for custom integration,e.